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Forklift trucks are responsible for 25% of all workplace transport accidents. And over 57% of those injured are pedestrians. A forklift pedestrian warning system can help reduce the risk.

Forklift trucks are one of the most commonly used industrial vehicles, so it's no surprise they're responsible for a high proportion of the incidents relating to plant–personnel collisions.

As with all sectors we work with, we've developed sector-specific product enhancements to give you the best possible system, whether you're working in a warehouse or operating a large port.

The SiteZone Forklift truck (FLT) proximity warning device takes into consideration the restricted space available in standard counterbalance forklift trucks. We've also created alternative alert methods where excessive alarm noise is not desirable.

Limiting/masking is also crucial in warehouses. This function stops the system from detecting people on walkways, therefore reducing the number of unnecessary alarms.

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“We are very proud of our Health and Safety record and we are delighted to enhance this further with the introduction of the SiteZone Proximity Warning System on all plant we are using at Heathrow Airport."

Tony Jack | SHEQ Manager at Hughes & Salvidge

How SiteZone can be used in warehouses & logistics

Proximity Warning System

SiteZone is proven to reduce the risk of collisions in Warehouses and logistics.

With cost-effective options available to suit all vehicle types used in this sector, from forklift trucks to transient vehicles.

Zone and Walkway Management

SiteZone has been developed to work with the infrastructure of different warehouses and ports.

To optimise performance you can use limiting/masking technology that won't detect people in a safe area, such as a segregated walkway.

Oversite - using data to change behaviour

Gain unique safety insights by remotely monitoring interactions between vehicles and people across multiple locations.

Our data-driven approach takes proximity warning to the next level and can be used to change behaviours and make changes to improve safety on-site.

Functionality dedicated to SiteZone FLT (Forklift trucks)

Integration into Machine Functions

SiteZone products can be integrated into machine functions such as deadman’s handles or the handbrake. Although it's not commonplace in most applications, it can be very important in the Warehouse and Logistics market.

Slow and Stop

Slow and stop is an enhancement for SiteZone Proximity Warning System fitted to forklift trucks. On detection of a personnel transponder (tag)  the truck can be slowed. This enhancement is provided by one of our partners Transmon Engineering Ltd

Zone Control

Changes the size of the detection zone. This can be useful when a vehicle goes from an outdoors environment where a larger zone is required to an indoors environment where a smaller zone may be necessary. The speed of the truck can also be limited depending on environment.

SiteZone in Warehouse & Logistics

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