Thanks to the quick installation time of the SiteZone proximity warning system, it's been deployed thousands of times across major UK civil construction and infrastructure projects.

The construction sector covers many activities from building hospitals to major infrastructure projects such as Smart Motorways. 

These activities use a wide range of mobile plant, and managing the people plant interface on complex construction sites is a major task. Construction continues to be the industry with the highest number of fatalities at work and being struck by a moving vehicle is the second most common cause.

SiteZone Proximity Warning Systems (PWS) can be installed on all vehicles commonly found on construction sites including loaders, excavators, dumpers, diggers, and tippers to help support your site safety goals and reduce the risks of collisions with moving plant. Available as an 'easy fit' that requires no hard wiring and with the option to hire, makes it suited to construction projects where mobile plant is hired as needed.

It's already been used by leading contractors on some of the highest-profile projects in the UK:

  • HS2 Enabling Works 

  • Hinkley Point C 

  • Smart Motorways M1 T1-T3 

  • Major Road Projects A30, A1 Upgrades 

  • Crossrail 

  • Anfield Stadium Redevelopment 

  • Dawlish 2014 Railway Post Storm Repairs 

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Installations on the largest single construction project.

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Hours worked safely on a single infrastructure project.


Minutes for a typical installation on construction site plant.

"People Plant Interface is one of the top fatal risks identifiers in the construction industry. This smart technology is pure safety, it makes certain that performing certain tasks in close proximity to a machine cause zero harm.”

Alistair Melville | Costain Project Manager

How SiteZone can be used in construction

Proximity Warning System

SiteZone is the UK's leading vehicle to pedestrian interface system and is proven to reduce the risk of collisions.

Ideal for the construction sector, the systems are available to hire and the EasyFit can typically be installed within 30 minutes, making it quick and simple to move from one vehicle to another.



SmartBubble works with existing industry standards and site protocol in the construction sector, including Thumbs up and RedZone to enable authorised approaches. 

When the machine is in a safe state (stationary or deadman's handle engaged), SmartBubble automatically reduces the size of the exclusion zone. SmartBubble is supplied as standard on all excavator proximity warning systems.

Oversite - using data to improve behaviours

Gain unique safety insights by remotely monitoring interactions between vehicles and people across multiple locations.

Our data-driven approach takes proximity warning to the next level and can be used to change behaviours and make changes to improve safety on-site.

SiteZone in Construction

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