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Reducing the risk to workers when using bin lifts in automatic mode without compromising the operational efficiency on collection rounds.

There have been several serious incidents involving Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV) Bin Lifts, including a fatality in January 2023.

To address this we've worked in collaboration with FCC Environment to reduce the risks associated with using RCV bin lifts in automatic mode.

Key Benefits

  • Based on proven technology configured for this application
  • Quick to retrofit to your existing fleet or train your engineers to self-install
  • Easy to train operatives and simple to understand out in the field
  • Enforces correct operating practices and changes behaviours - reducing risk to your workforce
  • Minimal impact on completion of collection rounds
  • Long life tags with no maintenance or recharging required
  • Optional data package to monitor behavioural change


How does RCV Smart Loader work?

The proximity warning system creates a zone around the bin(s) in the bin lift at the rear of the RCV.

All operatives are issued with a tag.

When using automatic mode and the bin is in place the lift will initiate.

If a tag-wearing operative is in the exclusion/bin danger zone:

  • The SiteZone system prevents the full lift cycle occurring reducing the risk of serious injury
  • The operative’s tag vibrates
  • The driver is alerted via the in-cab display
  • An additional visual warning alert can flash to warn the operative

Want to know more? 

Changing behaviours

During trials on live collection rounds the system was well received by operators, reduced the severity of the risk, and had minimal impact on collections - round was completed on time.

In a four-hour collection round, we saw significant improvements in behaviour with operators quickly adjusting their distance to the bins during the lift.

After the first 30 minutes there was a 50% reduction in entries to the bin danger zone and throughout the whole round there was a 75% reduction.

In longer term use on a 5 vehicle pilot with FCC Environment the results have shown a 90-98% reduction in entries to the danger zone (compared to pre-intervention data) – demonstrating technology assisted behavioural change. The remaining risk is now managed with SiteZone RCV Smart Loader.

Operatives say: 

"It's hassle free."

"I don't even notice it."

"It makes me feel safer."

“The safety of our employees has and will always remain a priority for FCC Environment. We’re pleased to be the first commercial organisation to fully commit to rollout the SiteZone RCV Smart Loader onto our fleet of RCVs. The trials have proven the behavioural change that the system enforces, and this is something we can extend to colleagues on all of our collection rounds.”

Steve Longdon | CEO of FCC Environment

See it in action




Award winning approach to bin lift safety

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