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A wide range of specialist mobile plant is used in utilities. SiteZone keeps workers safe when in close proximity to moving vehicles on these sites.

The infrastructure required to ensure that the lights stay on and clean water comes out of our taps is vast.

And this means the use of mobile plant is widespread in this sector. Many applications require staff to work in close proximity to moving equipment and a SiteZone proximity warning system can keep these workers safe and encourage safe behaviours on-site.


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“SiteZone’s proven track record of preventing collisions persuaded us that it was the best solution for our site and the workers are already feeling the benefit of using it. It is one of the systems we have chosen to keep operatives safe.”

John McCoppin | General Plant Manager, Bylor

How SiteZone can be used in utilities

Proximity Warning System

SiteZone is the UK's leading vehicle to pedestrian interface system and is proven to reduce the risk of collisions.

Ideal for the utilities sector, the systems are available to hire and the EasyFit can be installed within 60 minutes, making it quick and simple to move from one vehicle to another.


SmartBubble works with existing industry standards and site protocol in the construction sector, including Thumbs up and RedZone. 

When the machine is in a safe state (stationary or deadman's handle engaged), SmartBubble automatically reduces the size of the exclusion zone.

Oversite - using data to improve behaviours

Gain unique safety insights by remotely monitoring interactions between vehicles and people across multiple locations.

Our data-driven approach takes proximity warning to the next level and can be used to change behaviours and make changes to improve safety on-site.

SiteZone in Utilities

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