Gain unique insights by remotely monitoring the interactions between vehicles and people across all your sites.  

Take proximity warning to the next level by applying the data gained from site usage to help you change behaviours.

Key Benefits

  • Identify people at greater risk and make positive interventions
  • Monitor behavioural change and effectiveness of safe systems of work
  • Identify personnel training needs
  • Identify and address “problem” areas or roles on site
  • Track assets for security and usage figures
  • Set up and report on KPIs (Key performance indicators)

Key Features

How does it work?

The data-driven OverSite telematics system consists of two main elements: 

  • A telemetry module is installed as an option on every machine in a SiteZone installation. This collects data from the SiteZone proximity warning system and sends it to a secure cloud-based server.  
  • A web-based analytics package gives you access to data and reports for analysis. This is secure and password protected. Reports can be set up to focus on your key performance indicators and automatically sent out to you. You can see where zone breaches happen most often, by which tag, and which machine, too.

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Brett from J&B Recycling with the SiteZone Tag

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North East waste management specialists J&B Recycling have invested more than £40,000 to enhance safety at their sites across the North East with the...

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"We are really excited to see some genuine changes in behaviour on-site across the country. Using advances such as this, with tracing technology, we can begin to learn how to improve operations on-site and how to pave the way to having fewer People Plant Interface incursions.”

Chris Matthew | Flannery Strategic Manager

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Change behaviours on-site by using data insights

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