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We have a long history developing products for people and plant safety.

Years of experience have gone into designing and supplying safety products for mobile plant in a wide range of applications and sectors.

Take a look at our history and when we introduced our product enhancements that are used in all sectors for managing the risk of vehicle to pedestrian collisions.


First deployment of Tag-based Proximity Warning on Major Civil Engineering project (M25 Upgrade)


Launch SiteZone brand




Introduced limiting technology to mask detection of tags in safe areas or vehicles.



BucketZone developed for creating a secondary zone around the working equipment of a machine. 


Launch of Oversite telematics. Taking Proximity Warning Systems to the next level by using data to change behaviours on site.


Dumper Advance was developed to cover a specific need in the Construction industry when using forward tipping dumpers.



Walkway limiting was introduced to stop tags from being detected in segregated areas.


Smart Bubble, a patent-pending product, was bought to market. When the machine is in a safe state, SmartBubble technology automatically reduces the exclusion zone to a second predefined “safe zone”.  


Launch of the personnel distancing system, to help manage social distancing in response to Covid-19.


New division created for Onboard weighing products. 

Draw on our history of developing products for managing the Plant - Personnel Interface on your site

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