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A stable and accurate onboard weighing system from SiteZone and VEI that uses a load pin connected to the lift ram to precisely measure the weight of the load on your JCB Teletruk.

Sitevei_logoZone is the exclusive UK distributor of the world-renowned VEI Group Onboard Weighing Systems with over 30 years of experience.  


Key Benefits

  • Accurate weighing data – based on load pin measurement
  • Record weight by product type
  • Real-time live reading of bucket contents
  • Easy to use colour display with guided data entry
  • Robust design suited to the toughest environments
  • Long lasting with 3-year warranty on display
  • Quick to install and calibrate
  • Calibrate up to 5 tools


Why have we used a loadpin?

Since the latest model of JCB Teletruk was bought to market the complex hydraulic system leads to hydraulic pressures not stable enough to provide the basis for an accurate weight reading.

By using a load pin connected to the lifting ram instead of pressure sensors, we’ve overcome the issue with stability of weighing on JCB teletruks.

The determined weight is then presented on the Helper M Display.


Helper M Display

A simple machine for safe optimal loading (max 6 tonne lift capacity).

  • Simply know the weight of your load during handling
  • Easy to use colour display and guided data entry
  • Robust design suited to the toughest environments
  • Record weight by product type
  • Real-time live reading of bucket contents
  • Calibrate up to 5 tools
  • 3-year parts warranty





819x961-Onboard-weigher-vprint front vision 2020

Vprint - onboard printer

Save time with instant printout of dockets for your customers and suppliers.

Compatible with: all machines.

  • Fits neatly under the machine in the cab
  • Instant printouts of dockets
  • Thermal printer that is suited to tough environments
  • Can be tailored to include your site and customer details on the docket




ipotweb integration 

Transfer your weighing data to the cloud for analysis and processing.

Compatible with: all machines

  • Control, manage, and analyse your loading sites wherever you are from your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Generate your own reports for billing, inventory, sales analysis, and machine productivity

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