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Thumbs up and RedZone protocols have been successful in helping manage the Plant to Pedestrian interface and enabling authorised approaches.

Smart Bubble goes one step further by automatically reducing the size of the detection zone when the machine is in a safe state to allow authorised approaches without setting off the alarm.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances performance of Proximity Warning Systems for excavators at no extra cost
  • Reduces potential “nuisance alarms” and downtime
  • Simplifies the way the operator works with the SiteZone system
  • Improves the accuracy of your data as genuine alerts can be filtered from those which occur when the machine is in a safe state
  • Quick to install with no impact on the plant
  • Works in conjunction with existing safety protocols, like ‘thumbs up’ and helps reinforce positive safety behaviour around mobile plant

Key Features

What is SmartBubble Technology?

When a warning or alarm sounds people need to take appropriate action. In the case of SiteZone, this action is required to prevent a possible incident between vehicles and pedestrians.

In many applications, people will on occasion need to be in close proximity to a machine to perform certain tasks. SiteZone currently supports this by using the authorised approach method.

Authorised approach allows the vehicle operator to allow people into the exclusion zone of a vehicle if the correct site protocols have been followed e.g. thumbs up.

Smart Bubble goes one step further by automating this process when the machine is in a safe state for example:

» A vehicle is stationary

» A safety device is engaged such as the lever lock (deadman’s handle) on an excavator

When one of these conditions is met SmartBubble technology automatically reduces the exclusion zone to a second predefined “safe zone” allowing personnel to carry out the required tasks.

When the vehicle leaves its safe state the exclusion zone automatically returns to its normal detection zone. 

SmartBubble DMH

This option is supplied as standard on all new excavator systems. 

SmartBubble detects when the Deadman’s Handle (DMH) is engaged (safe) and automatically reduces the size of the detection zone. When the lever is disengaged the detection zone returns to the original size.

The system is available as a Standard or XL system and includes a magnetically controlled switch and magnets to detect the Dead Man Handle position.

SmartBubble Radar

The Radar Movement Sensor is suited to wheeled machines such as wheel loaders or telehandlers and is used to sense when the machine is stationary, automatically switching the proximity warning system to a reduced size detection range until the machine is detected as moving again. 

 The radar sensor uses Doppler Radar technology to sense vehicle speed. In operation, the radar sensor scans the ground below using low power microwave and measures the “shift” in reflection off the ground surface, which it translates into speed of movement. 

 The system includes all the components of a SiteZone Standard system plus a radar to be installed on the outside of the machine with a clear view of the ground.

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"It works brilliantly with the blind spots of the machine. As a plant operator (I’ve been operating for 20 years), when people come out of the blind spot, they don’t realise what movements you’re about to do. So, the SmartBubble feature is really helpful for us to avoid such a risky situation.”

Mark | Flannery Plant Operator

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