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Forklift Truck Safety – The Issues


Forklift trucks represent one of the highest risk factors of any vehicle when it comes to work place safety and are responsible for over 20% of workplace transport incidents. The are a number of factors which are particular to forklift trucks and the environments in which they work including:

Forklifts often work in congested environments with poor 360°  visibility – places such as warehouses.

They move quickly and can turn rapidly.

Why Use Site Zone?

Site Zone can help reduce the risk of vehicle – personnel collisions.

Site Zones 360° detection zone means that transponders can be detected even in blind spots and round corners where the operator or vehicle mounted cameras may not be able to see.

Why is Site Zone unique?

Active not passive operation

Unlike cameras and mirrors which rely on driver action Site Zone provides active warning of an intrusion into the detection zone. To find out how click here.

All round protection

Site Zone technology allows a 360° detection zone to be created around most mobile plant or vehicles including forklift trucks.

Data logging

Each time a breach of the detection zone occurs it is logged. This data can be downloaded and used to confirm near miss / collision reporting or to review current operational  procedures and be used as a tool for health and safety training and implementation. Each personal transponder is individually identifiable.

Multiple Configurations

One of the benefits of Site Zone is that it has customisable detection zones. The range can be tuned from between 2-10 metres and zones can either be 360° or front and rear only.


Site Zone only looks for Site Zone personal transponders entering the detection zone. This reduces the risk of false alarms caused by random and spurious detection of non specific objects.

To find out why you need Site Zone or to find our more detail about how Site Zone and proximity warning works click here.


Fork Lift Truck Safety

Deploy Site Zone anywhere where the proximity of people and moving vehicles or machinery is a concern including

– Construction sites
– Quarries
– Material handling sites and transfer stations
– Depots
– Ports
– Warehouses

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