Proximity Warning in an iNstant

OnGrade is pleased to announce the launch of its new SiteZone iNstant system.  This is the first wireless, radio frequency identification (RFID) proximity warning system of its kind to be supplied and distributed in the UK. SiteZone iNstant enables on-the-spot protection against collisions between pedestrians and vehicles, mobile equipment, or hazardous areas on any site. 

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Engineer Training Day

Have the UK's leading proximity warning system is one thing but providing the highest possible level if service and support on a national basis is another. As part of commitment to customer service on the 8th September we held our first formal engineering training day in Bournemouth. In total 12 of OnGrade's engineering network were able to attend the event.

The event provided the team with a much higher level of technical understanding of the SiteZone proximity warning system as well giving an insight into recent innovations such as the highly successful BucketZone. Those in attendance were also luck enough to get a sneak peak of some of the new innovations we will be launching at the RWM Show 12-14 September. Another session focused on OnGrade's electronic documentation system used for installation, service and inspections. This system has been live since early 2016 and allows OnGrade (and customers) to have a detailed history on all of their SiteZone system, forms are completed on a tablet of phone and when the engineers gets back to an internet enabled area they are automatically emailed back to us.

Following this initial event we will be taking the training on the road so that engineers unable to attend will also benefit this will ensure that we continue to give national support at a local level.


Proximity Warning in an Instant

One of the key factors in the success of the SiteZone range has been the ability to deploy the system quickly according customer needs, the EasyFit variant of the system can be deployed in  20 - 30 minutes. OnGrade have launched the SiteZone INstant. SiteZone INstant is a single box proximity warning solution which can as the name suggests be deployed instantly with no downtime. The system has been designed to meet the need for the requirement for proximity warning systems on transient vehicles such as delivery or aggregate vehicles or for very short term deployments.


OnGrade Launch Product Enhancements for SiteZone

OnGrade have now launched a range of enhancements for its industry leading proximity warning system. The enhancements have been designed to increase the flexibility of the SiteZone system across a range of application.  The new enhancements include

  • BucketZone allows a second detection zone to placed around the working equipment of a machine. BucketZone is especially useful for plant such as excavators, material handlers and loading shovels.
  • Allows two preset ranges to be set on installation. This allows the zone to be changed according to operational requirements.