How does SiteZone work?

SiteZone PWS uses advanced RFID technology and can be customised to meet the requirements of a wide variety of operating environments and vehicles. 

SiteZone PWS produces a detection zone around a vehicle, machine or even a restricted area.

When the detection zone is breached by personnel wearing a SiteZone transponder the machine operator is alerted to their presence and can take the appropriate action. The main function of SiteZone is to warn the machine operator to the presence of risk as he is the only person that can stop the machine, however to provide an additional tier of protection there are optional warnings for pedestrians.


SiteZone Base Station
Our base station generates an RF zone or bubble around the vehicle. The size of this bubble can be varied to meet site requirements.


Operator Display Unit (ODU)
The ODU performs a range of functions including alerting the machine operator to zone breaches and controlling authorised approaches. 


Personal Transponders
Each transponder is designed to become part of employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE) and is individually identified. SiteZone tags have a long life and come in a range of options to meet customers requirements.


External Alarm
The external alarm alerts any tag wearing personnel breaching a safety zone that they have done so allowing them to retreat to a safer location.



How can I expand SiteZone?

SiteZone PWS is used across a wide range of industries and applications. To ensure it meets these requirements range of additional options have been developed.


SiteZone EasyFit                  Installed in typically less 30-40 minutes the SiteZone Easy fit meets the requirements of the UK building and civil engineering market where most mobile plant is hired as required. The installation is non invasive and just like the mobile plant SiteZone can be hired. Hire is available from our official hire partner ESS Safeforce.

SiteZone Instant
A single box proximity warning solution for easy, instant fit. No installation or downtime, ideal for site transient vehicles or those on very short term hire. Create an instant exclusion zone around the “difficult to see” areas of a vehicle. 


BucketZone allows for the creation of a separate detection zone around the working equipment of the machine. This can make the system more practical in certain applications. Useful for plant such as excavators and loading shovels. 

SiteZone Limiter
The SiteZone Limiter produces a “null zone” which “hides” SiteZone tag wearers from detection by the SiteZone system. This has a wide range of applications and uses.


Zone Selector
Allows two preset ranges to be set on installation. The zone selection is via a supervisor key switch, allowing for management controlled zone selection.